Child Abuse and Neglect in


We partner with organizations focused on protecting Utah’s most valuable (and vulnerable) resource: our children. Child abuse prevention programs are the key to identifying harmful behaviors and supporting at-risk minors in our communities.
Together, we can spread child abuse awareness and lower the number of at-risk families in our state.

Domestic Abuse and Physical Violence

Ending domestic violence in Utah starts with advocacy and education. Our grants support abuse prevention systems that protect individuals of all ages, including those at risk of intimate partner violence.

1 in 3

1 in 3 women in Utah will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetimes.

22 percent

Intimate partner or domestic violence results in an estimated 22% of Utah homicides.

At RLC Family Foundation, we are committed to decreasing the number of at-risk individuals through powerful abuse prevention activities. If your organization shares our mission, let’s connect.

What We Fund

RLC Family Foundation is always searching for organizations that share our mission of supporting children’s educational programs, abuse prevention resources, and comprehensive mental health services. Our grants provide hopeful opportunities for the following:
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Abuse Prevention Training and Education

Abuse laws in America have shifted away from reactive systems, instead placing emphasis on preventing abuse and neglect before it happens. RLC Family Foundation is committed to supporting abuse prevention programs, including training and education.
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Organizations Fighting Child Mistreatment

We collaborate with leading organizations offering child abuse prevention programs and training opportunities. Our grants offer valuable funding to expand their reach and increase awareness throughout Utah communities.
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Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs

Sexual abuse, particularly in children, is highly preventable through education. RLC Family Foundation proudly funds campaigns, training programs, and resources that increase public awareness.
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Abuse Hotlines and Reporting Services

Hotlines offer 24/7 access to those dealing with abuse or witnessing the signs of abuse in another. If your organization offers emergency reporting services, we want to help.
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Programs for Abuse Survivors

Unfortunately, no one can get ahead of every abuse case. That’s why RLC Family Foundation also supports services for abuse victims and survivors of all ages, including children and elders.
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Elder Abuse Awareness Initiatives

It’s estimated that nearly 10 cases of elder abuse are reported in Utah daily. One of our predominant goals is to shed light on ways to prevent elder abuse. When the public is aware of the red flags, our elderly community is better protected.


How to Apply for a Grant

We have simplified the process for applying with 3 easy steps. Grant approvals are done annually in October. Those submitting requests will be notified via email as to whether the grant was approved, or rejected by the end of November. If approved, instructions for grant funding will be included in November communication.

Step 1

Fill out the online application

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Ending domestic violence, child neglect, and family abuse starts with prevention.
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