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Join forces to invest in our shared future.

By investing in education, we are investing in the future of our communities. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, narrowing the opportunity gap, and building a more inclusive society.
Examples of our funding

Empowering Communities

Our organization provides funding to non-profit organizations committed to aiding deserving individuals. These individuals can benefit from educational programs designed to meet their specific needs. Through these partnerships, we ensure that our resources are targeted towards those who require them the most.

Funding Examples

Unfortunately, many individuals, including vulnerable youth, foster youth, and refugees, face significant barriers to education due to their circumstances. The RLC Family Foundation aims to address these barriers by providing funding to non-profit organizations who provide help to students.
One Refugee
Refugee Education

One Refugee supports students who come from refugee backgrounds by aiding them in getting higher education and skills required to prepare for a successful professional life.

Granite Education Foundation
Student Assistance

The foundation helps students with basic needs programs, ensuring that vulnerable student groups in the Granite School District attend school prepared to learn, leveling the playing field with their peers.

First Star Academy
Foster Youth Education

Helping foster youth achieve educational success. Nationally, less than half graduate high school and less than one in ten enroll in higher education, but within First Star, 100% graduate high school and 91% pursue higher education.

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Does your non-profit organization provide assistance to students in need? Apply to see if you qualify. We've streamlined the application process into three simple steps.

After You Apply

Applicants will receive email notifications within 6 weeks of grant application submission regarding the approval or rejection of their grant.

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