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Intimate partner abuse

More than 33% of women and 21% of men in Utah will experience physical violence, sexual abuse, or stalking by an intimate partner.

2,000 shelter requests unmet

In 2020, over 3,100 adults and children were served in domestic violence shelters in Utah. More than 2,000 shelter requests were unmet.
Our foundation seeks to partner with organizations offering abuse recovery programs and trauma resources. If your mission aligns with ours, we want to hear from you.

The Road to Recovery From Abuse

The effects of abuse do not end once the victim is removed from danger. The psychological and physical aftermath can take years to overcome – but we’re committed to helping survivors find and benefit from abuse trauma recovery resources.

Hope & Recovery

At RLC Family Foundation, we partner with and fund incredible organizations working to support, protect, and empower survivors on the road to recovery.

What We Fund

Nearly 1 out of every 4 women in America experiences emotional abuse by a partner. We want to make sure victims of all ages and genders have access to emotional abuse recovery programs, and we partner with other organizations to make that happen.


Child Abuse Recovery

We are proud to support the life-changing program of Child Abuse Recovery, providing vital resources and care to young survivors. Together, we are building a brighter future for these resilient children, fostering healing, and empowering them to reclaim their joy and potential.

Sexual Abuse Recovery

An average of nearly half a million rape and sexual assault victims are reported in America every year. As a result, there’s a vast need for sexual abuse recovery programs – and we strive to ensure these programs are adequately funded and supported.

Abusive Relationship Recovery

Millions of Americans (both men and women) are impacted by intimate partner violence every year. Our foundation proudly enables abusive relationship recovery programs, as well as access to mental health services for healing victims.

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Survivors of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse deserve support during their healing journey.
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