Building a path forward for survivors of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Trauma Recovery

At RLC Family Foundation, we know the challenges of recovering from abuse. With the help of our nonprofit partners, we’re building opportunities for victims and funding powerful domestic violence recovery programs.
We strive to partner with organizations that are equally passionate about assisting with domestic violence recovery. If your mission aligns with ours, we want to hear from you. Together, we can meet need needs of abuse survivors throughout Utah.

33 and 21 Percent

An estimated 33% of Utah women and 21% of men experience a form of intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.

15 call per minute

Most domestic violence hotlines can experience an average of up to 15 calls per minute.

Recovery After Domestic Violence

Recovering and moving on from domestic violence can be a life-altering battle. Many victims suffer from long-lasting psychological harm, and up to 70% are more likely to drink heavily than those who have not been abused.

Together we can make a difference

At RLC Family Foundation, we support nonprofits that help survivors work through the stages of domestic violence recovery. From rehabilitation programs to counseling, we offer a wide range of grant opportunities.

What We Fund

The significance of domestic violence prevention training and education cannot be understated in recognizing and putting an end to abuse. Through our foundation, we provide support to numerous charities that actively work on creating and disseminating resources for vulnerable individuals, as well as counselors and therapists, involved in addressing this issue.

Domestic Violence Recovery Programs

Survivors may suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal ideations. Our goal is to support programs that offer extensive support for these problems, including therapy and rehab.

Domestic Violence Recovery Toolkits

Education is a critical part of moving forward and protecting oneself. Our grants fund resources and “toolkits” for those who have survived physical abuse by family members or partners.

Child Recovery From Domestic Violence

A national sample of American children in 2020 found that 60% were exposed to violence, crime, or abuse within the past year. We want to help the children who survive build healthy lives and coping skills going forward.

Apply for a grant

RLC Family Foundation is always searching for organizations that share our mission of supporting educational programs, abuse prevention, and recovery support for victims. As a small, privately owned foundation in Utah, we’re able to hand-pick the non-profits we want to fund.

If your charity offers domestic violence recovery services, reach out to us. We’re here to help you finance and grow your offerings.

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Recovery is challenging – but possible with support from programs like we've funded.
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